Friday, March 11, 2005

-i/2 degrees of Johnny Gosch

From Desert of the Real:

So what we basically have is Jeff Gannon connected to Nick Berg by one degree.

The weird thing to me is that all these people in these conspiracy theories seem to be connected. How do all these people know each other? Back before the Iraq war when Bush was trying to make the case that Saddam and Al Qaida were connected, I joked that Saddam Hussein was probably connected to Kevin Bacon within 6 degrees. After thinking about it, it turns out I was right:

Saddam Hussein met with Donald Rumsfeld in the late 80's
Donald Rumsfeld is Secretary of Defense for President George W. Bush
George W. Bush recently met with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold was in Red Heat with Lawrence Fishbourne
Lawrence Fishbourne was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon


You might think that was satire until you read who's been stalking Russell Crowe. I'll give you a hint...They didn't like Gladiator.

Oh, and Zarqawi, if you do kidnap Russell Crowe, we will be demanding proof of life, or at least proof of career, before paying any ransom.


Blogger Bryan said...

The nutzo part of it is that Crowe thought that if Al Qaeda killed him, our culture would become "unstable." If Osama really wanted to destabilize culture in 2001, they would have killed Christopher Lee and Hugo Weaving.

With just two actors, Al Qaeda could have ruined the Star Wars prequel trilogy, the Matrix trilogy, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Believe me, there would have been chaos had they upset this large group of geeks. You ain't seen nothing till you've seen a giant mob of dorks rioting with double bladed lightsabers, spoons that aren't really there, and 162,739 rings to rule them all.

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