Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Johnny Gosch Consumer Reviews


If you're anything like me, than you know how hard it is to comparison shop when you're on the run from federal agents, satanists, Illuminati aliens and various inter-dimensional entities. And with other consumer review sites, you never know if you're reading an honest review or if the mind-worms are trying to trick you.

So as a service to you, your pal, Johnny Gosch, will try out the products that may or may not save your life. This week, we will cover the competitive market in orgone generators.

#1 - Succor Punch

Sold at www.educate-yourself.org

Product Description from website:

"Succor Punch ("SP") is the name Don Croft coined for a quartz crystal that has a mobius coil wrapped around it so that a knot is created for each turn of the coil that goes around the crystal. When you pulse a 15 Hz signal into the mobius coil, it sets up a chaos field which interacts with the crystal to create scalar waves which can then be programmed with your thoughts. Forces are set in motion both on the third and fourth dimensional levels.

If you are being harassed by ELF microwave transmissions, it will create a perfect shield against any sort of energy that is beamed to you from any dimensional plane by any sentient being or thought form directing that negative energy towards you. You can ask that any remote viewer, human or otherwise, be blocked from remote influencing or from psychic scans.

According to Don Croft, negative aliens like the Draconian Reptilians cannot stand to be in the environment of the SP pulsing circuit and want to exit."


First off, the "chaos field" was grossly over-sold: It was more of a "casual disturbance tingle". Second, it claimed "forces are set in motion both on the third and fourth dimensional levels," but I really only felt motion on the third level.

The device worked fine for blocking the daily ELF mind control broadcasts, but those psychic dolphins at the Norfolk naval base are still remote viewing me like there's no tomorrow. And contrary to what Don Croft may say, "negative aliens like the Draconian Reptilians" not only CAN stand to be in the environment of the SP pulsing circuit, but seem to use it to masterbate.

Rating: 5/10

# 2 - The Chi Generator (featuring Orgonite) -

Sold at http://www.orgone.net/catalog.html

From Product Description:


The Chi Generator® is exciting new technology that you can use to get an assured technological edge in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sports performance, relationships, and sex! In situations, where you feel that you are just falling short of everything, the Chi Generator™ can give you the assistance that you need to have your dreams come true."


On the positive side, it made one of my dreams come true. On the negative side, it gave me cancer.

Rating: 3/10

# 3 - A Small Rock

Available at many finer rock stores and national parks


Incredibly effective! I beat the HELL out of a reptillian alien with this rock. And it was one of those sneaky aliens that disguises itself as an old lady waiting for a bus. And we all know how tough those bastards can be, with the screaming and the biting and the handbag and what not.

Rating: 8/10

Until next time,
Johnny Gosch

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Hitchiker's Guide to Johnny Gosch

So some of you have indicated that you want to know how my name ended up tied to both Jeff Gannon and to the Franklin Child Sex Scandal:

That's easy. First, around 1991-92, my mother, Noreen Gosch, and Ted Gunderson, report jointly that "undisclosed sources" revealed I was a victim of the infamous Franklin kidnapping scheme. Years later, after this dude Gary Caldori's plane crashes, the two claim he was carrying evidence proving such. But some Satanists now have it, one of whom is the former police chief of Omaha, Nebraska. And the only sheriff's deputy who can confirm this isn't talking, because a couple of Satanists purposefully crashed their car into his, killing his wife. I am not making this up...My mom and Gunderson made this up. He published it here.

Later, in an attempt to get the AG's office to provide funding for Gunderson to further his investigation, Gunderson submits a sworn statement from cokehead ritual abuse victim Paul Bonaci, who claims that he saw me killed at Bohemian Grove. But that's obviously BS, because now Gunderson is saying he has proof that I am alive and that my name is James Guckert/Jeff Gannon.

So is Gunderson the source of my reputed identity as Jeff Gannon? No. That guy's name is Sherman H. Skolnick. He first suggested I was Gannon here: http://www.rense.com/general63/gad.htm

Now, Bellacio claims that a Democratic Underground forum post is the first time anyone connects Gannon and Gosch, and by the next day, Hunter S. Thompson is dead. This is not true. It was actually Skolnick who theorized this first, and his "investigative report" is one of the great works of post-structuralist humor of the 20th century.

As far as Hunter S. Thompson, the thread connecting him to the story is that Paul Bonaci said in a 1990 deposition that when he saw me murdered at Bohemian Grove, a videographer was there, a one "Hunter Thompson". But that story must be Alien Illuminati disinformation, since I am apparently Jeff Gannon, and alive and well in D.C.

UPDATE: Bryan, of Desert of the Real, provides more details:

"There's a couple of other connections your forgetting though. Gannon is connceted to Thompson with the bizarre "Fear and Loathing" quote on his website. And he is also connected to Franklin in name. It's weird that Guckert picked "Gannon" as the name for his "journalist" persona, with that also being the name of Johhny Gosch's boss at the newspaper, who Noreen claims is a satanist that was in on it.

Both of these connections are there only because James Guckert chose to place them there. Now it kinda feels like we're being led down a path, doesn't it?"

Oh yeah, one more thing...You know those copies of the 1994 cancelled Discovery Channel documentary that Gunderson is peddling for $29.99? I don't get one fucking penny for those. Not one. And not one penny from this or this. Do you have any idea how many of those he has sold these last two weeks? I do.

In short:

Gannon: Important
Gosch: Important, if incomplete and bizarre

The insane and seemingly debunked theory that Gannon=Gosch: Not terribly important, but captivating!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Julius(blog) has discovered the reason Jeff Gannon shaved his head. Using his research, I've made a quick composite of a man obsessed:

Or is head rubbing a hypnotic trigger for latent Greenbaum programming?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

DU Admins Censor the Truth!

Or at least censored something that halfway resembles a near plausibility, in much the same way that Gannon's head halfway resembles a basketball.

Admin Skinner cracks down:

"I'm sorry... But this has gone way too far.

Twenty threads... And where are we now? We've got the embarrassing spectacle of DU members linking to blatantly anti-semitic and homophobic websites. These threads have become huge magnets for trolls, eager to make us all look like fools. I never thought I'd see members of this site approving of articles that accuse Rep. Barney Frank of pedophilia. Some people seem to have lost all ability for critical thought.

Twenty threads is enough. I'm locking."

Actually Skinner, 14 threads on Jeff Gannon was way too far. 17 made me wish I had been "suicided". But Gannon Wrinkles, Part 20, was the dawning of a new age of man: a glorious epoch of signals without signifiers, of cabals without connectivity, and parallelism without purpose.

Greatest hits from Part 20:

- "I believe one of the gannon's we have photos of is gosch, I think the other is guckert. I also believe there is a third gannon."

- "young Gannon/Guckert at the orgy party in the gray marine logo t-shirt???"

- "perhaps Gosch worked for Guckert?"

- "this German site that is about Skull and Bones shows Bohemian Grove pics and Gosch and our fearless leader. I'm sure it can be translated somewhere."

- "I am willing to accept all information as it pertains to Gannon / Guckert / Gosch / HST / Bohemian Grove / Franklin Coverup / Bush admn etc."

- "No one here knows much about the other people here. As for those who are here with ill intention, I don't forget. I don't forget how many times the subject has been diverted, and I don't forget who you are..."

-"Anyone who suggests Gannon ain't Gosch is immediately suspect."

- "i am not averse to the notion of a whole slew of Gannons (collections of lookalikes), waiting in the wings to be used when needed."

For those who still think Gosch/Gannon is but a mere whisper in the blogosphere, check this out.

I heard somebody on TV talking about "private accounts"...What's that all about?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Attn Democratic Underground:

Iran has got Kalishnikov-toting CHICK NINJAS just waiting to rappel down a moderately sized building and kick my ass.

Why does this not scare you more than Jeff Gannon?


Johnny Gosch
Proud Member of the Reality Based Chick Ninja Debate


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Calm The Heck Down

Just got an avalance from Democratic Underground.

To quote a DU member:

"Some makes a little sense, but some is off the wall.
Making fun out of a Johnny Gosch line of furniture is freeperish.
I like the graph though which seems real???"

1st - I defy anyone to show me any part of this website that makes any sense at all.

2nd - If that graph seemed real, than I have a Nigerian 419 scheme I'd like to show you.

3rd - The Free Republic hosts characters about as terrifyingly bizarre as...well...Democratic Underground.

To break character for one second: I am a Democratic precinct chair who thinks Lee Harvey Oswald was switched out for a Russian double. I think Flight 97 may have been shot down by an A-10. I think something spooky is going on at the Denver Airport. And I briefly considered the implications of a Hayle-Bopp companion.

But the moment I was told that Jeff Gannon may be abducted Franklin legend Johnny Gosch, I knew the Information Age had ended and the Age of Hyperbolic Surrealism had begun.

Whether Gannon is Gosch is irrevelent to me. Whether Miami lowback plastic chairs exist in Iraq is unimportant (though I contend they do not!) What is very fucking interesting to me is the interplay of bizarre symbols and images, a construction of wholly independent commentaries through adopted meanings. And if I sound like your asshole English professor, I apologize.

Johnny Gosch is not a kidnapped boy. That is no longer what those words mean. Gosch is code. Gannon is code. Private accounts are code. Saddam in a hole. They trigger frames. They are connected to passions. They are signifiers.

What do I think of the Gosch sleuths? I'm not sure. On one hand, I am hopelessly attracted to the romanticism of deep secrets, the dark allure of shadow realities, and the idealistic pursuit of truth by a common inhabitant of the wired world. On the other, when does the fun go over the top, and when does the truth, or more importantly THE FOCUS, become sacrificed to mere possibility, or in this case, the most bare plausibility? This is the dualism which allows me to laugh.

Let's not lose touch with why we chase down rumors. What does it mean if one American, instead of going to Wal Mart, buys a plastic chair from Salem Hassan? Am I closer to finding Nick Berg's killers? Of course not. Then pause for a moment and reflect why I would want to try. Negotiating over molded commercial resin with a man on the other side of the globe is more Bertol Brecht than Edward Murrow, but I never promised answers here.

Just bad pictures.

So here's a baby chewing on a puppy, courtesy of Jeff Rense:

I am not Johnny Gosch. My life is not in danger.

Johnny Gosch


Hello Google Searchers!

To help catch you up on what's really going on, I've taken the liberty of drawing up a chart outlining the Jeff Gannon / Johnny Gosch conspiracy collision.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Who Knew? Jeff Gannon's Quest for the Miami Lowback Chair, Part 2

Apparently, western-style resin chairs are so common in Iraq, thousands become ensnared in cleverly designed chair-traps during their bi-annual migrations:

Nonetheless, it remains my quest to acquire such a chair from a local vendor. I have received what seems to be an automated response from Hassan Salem, of Afahd Co., who deals in office, kitchen, and home furniture. It promises to provide me more information on Afahd Co., which of course means coming one step closer to the real killers of Nick Berg.

I am now offering $110 plus shipping.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Jeff Rense and the Magical Photoshop Filter

Watch me age before your very eyes!

From the Johnny Gosch Signature Furniture Collection

See this page for a quick review. My new goal is to purchase a Miami Lowback Plastic Armchair from an Iraqi merchant. I have already contacted several Baghdad furniture brokers and am awaiting their prompt response. I am offering $100 dollars plus shipping for a $10 chair.

Delivery will be tricky, as I obviously have to keep moving to avoid apprehension by Dr. Greenbaum and his Delta-programmed psychic killers. A copy of the invoice will be sent to Former Senator John deCamp in the event I am "suicided", which seems the most likely scenario at this point, according to Google.

This is MY Era!

And I'm about to go DaDa on your asses:

From Tim Blair:

NYT's Frank Rich is also alert to the awesome historical forces now in play:
“The death of Thompson represents the passing from the Age of Gonzo to the Age of Gannon,” wrote Russell Cobb in a column in The Daily Texan at the University of Texas. As he argues, today’s White House press corps is less likely to be invaded by maverick talents like a drug-addled reporter from a renegade start-up magazine than by a paid propagandist like Jeff Gannon, a fake reporter for a fake news organization (Talon News) run by a bona fide Texas Republican operative.

And you better believe that under the Age of Gannon, the white press corp is also less likely to be invaded by that "old Arab Helen Thomas". God I hate old people.

-i/2 degrees of Johnny Gosch

From Desert of the Real:

So what we basically have is Jeff Gannon connected to Nick Berg by one degree.

The weird thing to me is that all these people in these conspiracy theories seem to be connected. How do all these people know each other? Back before the Iraq war when Bush was trying to make the case that Saddam and Al Qaida were connected, I joked that Saddam Hussein was probably connected to Kevin Bacon within 6 degrees. After thinking about it, it turns out I was right:

Saddam Hussein met with Donald Rumsfeld in the late 80's
Donald Rumsfeld is Secretary of Defense for President George W. Bush
George W. Bush recently met with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold was in Red Heat with Lawrence Fishbourne
Lawrence Fishbourne was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon


You might think that was satire until you read who's been stalking Russell Crowe. I'll give you a hint...They didn't like Gladiator.

Oh, and Zarqawi, if you do kidnap Russell Crowe, we will be demanding proof of life, or at least proof of career, before paying any ransom.

Sherman H. Skolnick and Semi-Secret Satanic Hedge Funds

Forms of Murderous Sexuality!



Thursday, March 10, 2005

Google Gosch Gannon Guckert Gunderson

Google manipulation as mash-up poetry:

Johnny Gosch Jeff Gannon James Guckert


Gunderson Franklin DeCamp Bonucci Dino Ironbody Jeff Rense Gannon Gosch Bush AMERICABLOG Craig Spence Lawrence King Bohemian Grove Hunter Thompson Illuminati Free Mason Scott McClellan Talon News DaVinci Code

Bobby Eberle Dino Ironbody James Guckert Fishbowl Hard Pass Talon News Jeff Gannon Johnny Gosch Bohemian Grove Gannongate Franklin HOTMILITARYSTUDM4M Nick Berg GOPUSA Russel Crowe Al Qaeda Kiddnapping Plot

Gunderson Greenbaum Guckert Programming Art Bell Daily Pass Bulldog Gosch James Guckert 8 Inches Cut

Divorced Themselves From Reality

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


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